Hello, World! I'm Genesis!

Howdy y'all! My name is Genesis Sarabia and I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer. Have a look around.

Ever since the beginning of my professional endeavors, I've had a passion to do the most to help those in need. So, no matter what I'm working on, I give it my all. In addition to that passion to serve, I have a zeal for problem-solving (goes hand-in-hand, doesn't it?). With that being said, I love to use my programming abilities and creativity to help solve problems and then some. Come check out what I've done!

Recent Projects


"A website where we help to reunite you with your furry, feathery or scaly loved one. We allow users to post about lost and found pets with the last location they were seen and the ability to contact between users to establish the next clue to where your pet is. Connecting with each other to reconnect you with your beloved pet, that’s PawsPursuit!"

For this application, I came up with the website concept and collaborated with peers in the back-end to help create and establish controllers using Java/Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. I also was responsible for implementing the APIs shown on our site including Mapbox, TalkJS and Filestack. Here I was able to implement location marking and image uploading for the posts regarding the lost and found pets based on user responses as well as adding the chat feature.
Environments: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, MapboxAPI, TalkJSAPI, FilestackAPI, MySQL, Java EE, MVC, SpringBoot, Thymeleaf, Figma, Paired Programming, Agile


"Named after the meteorological phenomenon, also more commonly known as a 'sun dog', this application lets you search for 5-day weather across the world. Also, you can search on the map yourself, just drag the marker, and it will update the weather for that area."

With this project, I used Mapbox API and OpenWeatherMap API to combine their information and produce an application where users can enter an address or move the marker on the map to give them weather information based on the user's input. I utilized ajax get requests to gather this information and have it display on the site.
Environments: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, MapboxAPI, OpenWeatherAPI, Paired Programming

Fuel Switcheroo

“Let’s better the planet’s environment with the use of alternative fuels for our vehicles!”

In a group effort for UTSA and Major League Hacking’s RowdyHacks Hackathon, we built an alternative fuel station locator map within a 24-hour period. We earned 2nd place in the Learner’s Track at this Hackathon in a pool of over 700 participants. The website utilizes alternative fuel data from the U.S. government’s NREL API as well as the Mapbox API to display the map. The map has both search functionality, which I provided, and a draggable marker for the user to search for the nearest alternative fuel station. I was also able to assist in regard to styling with my teammates. *This website is currently under maintenance and will be redeployed soon!*
Environments: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, MapboxAPI, NRELAPI, Paired Programming


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